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About Us

Power Kiosk:

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What is Power Kiosk?

Power Kiosk is a live, value-based, competitive and transparent energy purchasing technology that attracts national suppliers to bid on your electricity and natural gas accounts and guarantees the best outcome for your business.

Get suppliers to compete for your business through POWER KIOSK.

Our Mission

We provide direct access for customers to connect with the best and most reputable energy suppliers, making energy purchasing competitive, value-based and transparant. We help customers leverage data science to find the best purchasing strategies for their business.

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Our History

How did Power Kiosk get started?

Hamed Babai, CEO of Power Kiosk was the Chief Technology Officer of an energy brokerage company in Chicago. He was shocked by how much time, money and effort was being wasted in selling energy. The industry needed a clear process and a truly engaging energy sales system. So, Hami set out to create one. The result is Power Kiosk, a fully automated energy retail company that utilitzes every bit of data for imrpoving energy purchase decisions.

Life with Power Kiosk

Boosted Sales

  • With Power Kiosk, you will be just selling. Everything else is machine handled. It is simple: The more time you spend on selling the more money you make and Power Kiosk gives you this opportunity.

Multiple Markets

  • With Power Kiosk, you will be selling everywhere from your virtual office at a click of a button. Sell energy nationwide using our national license.

Competitive Bidding

  • You will gets many competitive bids through our proprietary bidding technology. The only platform that handles RFP, reverse auction and millions of variations of procurement inside one elegant package. Whether it is small, mid or large size accounts, we got it all covered. When suppliers bid, you save.

Team Building

  • Recruit and manage thousands of salespeople through Power Kiosk. Salesforce who will work with you to expand your sales. Another simple lesson in sales. The larger army always wins.

Value-Based Offers

  • The only value-based energy platform that allows you to compare terms and conditions as well as price. After decades of comparing apples to oranges in the energy industry, Power Kiosk value-based offers makes it easy for you to determine the best values, and your customer to find optimal choice.

Paperless Sales System

  • Instantaneous and digital, proposals, quotes, contracts and signatures. Paperless process is less expensive, faster, more accurate and easy to control. You can say goodbye to papers , faxes and copies. It is all organized in Power Kiosk using easy to understand advanced monitoring tools.

Commission Tracking

  • Track It; Split it, Find the missing ones, Reconcile. A third of brokers can't spot their missing commissions; spending hours to split the payments between their agents and at the end risk mistakes due to human error in the manual process. Power Kiosk has it all figured and synced as you are selling.

Contract Management

  • Contract monitor, reporting and renewals. Our contract monitoring and renewal system increases your retention rates through proper notifications and timing. Reporting tools allow you to find, view and edit every piece of every one of your contract.

Marketing Tools

  • Data centric proposals that will get you life time customers. Power Kiosk integrates every bit of data into research-based and engaging proposals, quotes and collaterals.

Affinity Links

  • Build power channels through Power Kiosk affinity selling system. Each affinity is like a snowflake. A unique partnership between you the business that can deliver customers to you. Put a couple of these affinities together and you will have a snowball. Few more snowballs and you got a blizzard. Pretty soon you will have an avalanche of business. Affinities are personal and you can set the revenue splits.

Market Monitor

  • Watch both retail and wholesale markets. With Over 10 million data points that has been gathered through our life history, Power Kiosk knows the wholesale market movements, retail market trends and the margin set up. We crunch tens of millions of price points into an easy and accurate market graph that you can send to your customers.

Partners of Power Kiosk

  • Sales Agents
    Direct sales agents will not just find this platform convenient but they can also connect with multiple suppliers. Our price updates allow our partners to quote better rates to attract more clients. Our sales partners can also generate contracts, track the commissions. In short, do just about everything required to make money!
  • Emerging Energy Brokerage Firms
    New brokerage firms which are still finding their feet in the energy business can find a competitive national brokerage system connected to all the suppliers. Take advantage of our process, marketing, best rates and licensed for you to get started.
  • Brokerage firms looking to scale up without overhead
    Power Kiosk offers a thoughtful process to manage the burden of growing volume. Power Kiosk transforms your business into a paperless and fully automated brokerage firm.
  • Organizations that want to enter the energy space
    For organizations, like chambers of commerce and trade associations new to the energy market, Power Kiosk is a one-stop portal for all information and contacts. We connect you with many suppliers who bid on energy accounts. Through this portal members can compare current energy prices in various markets, participate in competitive auctions, generate contracts, manage operations and learn more about the market transactions.
  • Property management firms in touch with tenants and residents
    Since property management firms coordinate with many property owners and tenants at the same time, they can simplify their energy procurement through Power Kiosk. Also, by bringing all property users under one umbrella, the property management firms can introduce the Power Kiosk energy purchasing system to manage costs.
  • Suppliers who need Qualified Leads and Opportunities
    Power Kiosk connects you to a large pool of energy brokers, organizations and customers. For suppliers who need leads and opportunities, Power Kiosk is a regular treasure trove which provides them with linkages and information to find, bid and win deals at no extra cost or effort. New leads can be easily converted to transactions and generation of new business.

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