About Power Kiosk

Build the world’s largest marketplace of energy buyers and sellers by providing transparency, choice, and intelligence.

Who is behind the (Power Kiosk) Robot?

Why our founder   picked a robot as our trusty moniker is anybody’s guess, perhaps it was the countless hours at Northwestern University obtaining his PhD under fluorescent lighting, nevertheless, everything else is pretty straightforward here at Power Kiosk.  

Founded and based out of Chicago since 2014, our mission is clear: bring transparency, choice, and intelligence to the energy procurement process.

Hami is a techy person by background and he loves coding alongside our US-based software team led by , our Senior Director of Technology.

Whether you are an energy broker/consultant or an Enterprise user our goal is to empower your energy choice and simply your experience.

If you are an energy broker or consultant looking to join our growing community, you should to talk to , our VP of Indirect Sales.  If you are an Enterprise client, reach out to , our VP of Enterprise Sales.

If you are looking for general support, you can always reach out to our Client Partner Head, , she’s got lots of answers for you.

If you are an energy supplier, looking to join our growing platform, runs all Platform-related questions.

For investor relations or other boring finance and corporate stuff, you can also reach our Chairman, . He likes talking about this stuff…

Want to chat? Feel free to reach out.