June 2018 Broker Newsletter

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Power Kiosk June Newsletter

The team has been quite busy this quarter, pushing hard on our mission to deliver transparency, choice and intelligence to the energy sales professional. You might have noticed the better reporting on commissions and future forecast energy data already, or the eight new suppliers that have joined the platform, and if you really paid attention, our new website. Read on to learn more, we’re so glad you are here!

Quarterly Platform Enhancement Update

We are very proud of our US-based software development team and are committed to bringing our partners substantive, tangible improvements each time we write one of these Newsletters. We are constantly evolving and here are the highlights since we last spoke:

Energy Futures Forecast Data

Under the Graphs and Charts section, upon selecting the Utility and other data, select a future date and you will now see a future pricing forecast. The data, powered by the CME, will give you intelligent, data-based, talking points to discuss with your clients. Understanding the market’s consensus of the future can certainly inform today’s product decisions.

Actual and Estimated Future Commission Report

Dubbed “Commission Audit” under the Reports interface, is a mission critical report that provides insights on your earnings today as well as estimated future commissions. Future commissions are an extrapolation of signed contracts, expected customer usage, and the supplier payment terms.

Eight New Suppliers On-Boarded to the Platform!

This might be a record. Our Platform team has been busy expanding the reach and deepening the competition in the markets we serve. Remember, with Power Kiosk, you are able to sell across state lines, both electricity and gas. We’re at 70+ suppliers and growing with our sights set on Canada in the back half of 2018. Here are our newest partners:

  • MidAmerican Energy
  • SFE Energy
  • FPL
  • WGL
  • Texan Energy
  • Mega Energy
  • Circular Energy
  • AP Gas and Electric
  • Supreme Energy

Promotions and Specials

‌Our friends at Entrust continue to run their very generous incentive for deals you signed since March 1, 2018. It’s a great offer and we will put it in big bold letters:

1 million kWh sold = $1,000 cash bonus

New Website with Simplified Products

Our marketing team has been busy on several fronts. Our newly launched, customer-facing, website PowerKiosk.com looks beautiful and helps your clients feel more confident and secure when dealing with your business as well.

While you are on our new site, check out our new, simplified product mix. For a monthly fee, we now offer the best broker commission split out there. We are putting full transparency on the table, it’s how we do business and it’s how we wish to continue to win your trust and confidence.

Broker Community Continuing Education

If you haven’t been to one of our LIVE online weekly training sessions, we’d love for you to check it out. We hold these every Tuesday at 1 p.m. CST to help you stay tuned to the energy market and our Power Kiosk community updates. Get the knowledge you need to increase your sales and grow your business. Looking forward to seeing you at our next training. Go to: www.uberconference.com/powerkiosk to join the conversation.

Energy Markets Insights

  • In May, NYMEX traded at $0.2821 per therm. Storage levels have remained high. Gas continues to pose a great opportunity for our brokers.
  • Florida and Kentucky are great markets to attack gas contracts.
  • There are also nice deltas in both Massachusetts and Maryland for electricity
  • Due to capacity prices nearly doubling in Northern Illinois, the projected tariff rate for ComEd customers has increased from 7.1 cents per kWh to 7.54 cents per kWh.

Thanks for Reading!

We will chat next time. If you have questions on anything in our newsletter, remember, all inquiries sent to support@powerkiosk.com will be responded to in a timely manner. Of course, I’m always around for questions and comments as well.

Be well,


Welcome Mid American Energy

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Welcome Mid American Energy onto the nation’s fastest growing energy procurement platform.  “Mid American is a highly respected energy supplier and we are eager to work with them as a provider of gas and electricity in key deregulated markets,” say Hami Babai.  Mid American provides service to 770,000 electric customers and 751,000 natural gas customers in a 10,600-square mile area in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska. MidAmerican Energy is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

March 2018 Broker Newsletter

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Power Kiosk March News & Updates

Dear Power Partners,

Thanks for making Power Kiosk your software platform of choice. The past 6 months have been a transformative period, and we are making major strides toward our goal of becoming the largest community for the energy brokerage industry.

Things move quickly at Power Kiosk, as well as with our suppliers and the energy markets as a whole. That’s why we’re introducing our periodic newsletter to keep you in the loop of what’s happening in this dynamic environment.

Power Kiosk Update

We’re excited to introduce you to our new team members!

Nasim Carlsen

Prior to joining Power Kiosk, Nasim was a software engineer for Silverline company. Nasim will be leading our Client Partnership Group—the team responsible for on-boarding, training, commissions and account management for all of our partners. Nasim lives with her husband and daughter in sunny Atlanta, GA. If you have questions about your account, commission or platform management, you can contact support@powerkiosk.com, or Nasim@powerkiosk.com to reach out to her directly.

Mike X (aka XMAN)

Prior to joining Power Kiosk, he was working hard to obtain his Masters in Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago. Mike currently manages all Operations on the Power Kiosk platform, including suppliers, auctions, and confirmation of your deals. For any questions related to those areas, contact support@powerkiosk.com, or MikeX@powerkiosk.com to reach out to him directly.

Alex Ayerdi

Alex has a Computer Science degree from Northwestern university. He is your go to person when it comes to technical integration and e-commerce website set-up. Have technical questions about your e-commerce website? Email Alex.Ayerdi@powerkiosk.com.

Do not forget our weekly training conference calls conducted on Tuesdays at 1 pm CST.

New User Interface / User Experience Rolled out in Feb 2018

Many of you have already commented on our new, fully responsive application. Our software (www.powerkioskapp.com) now works with any device and operating system. Give our application a try on your mobile device to create, bid and close deals on the go. That’s something to get excited about! Did we mention the app now looks way cooler than ever?

And as always, we encourage your feedback to learn how we can better meet your needs.

New Suppliers

We have added several new suppliers to our platform including; Tiger Energy, Mega Energy, Circular Energy, FPL Energy, WGL Energy, SFE, APGE, Free Point Energy, Vista Energy and Mint Energy.  Additionally, Hudson Energy is now offering matrix rates through Power Kiosk and is paying Power Kiosk brokers one-year upfront for any gas and electricity sales.

Cash-back bonus

Entrust Energy is giving you the exclusive opportunity to pad your paycheck. How? With a $1000 cash bonus for every 1 million kWh you sell from them. All Entrust Energy sales from the beginning of March will count toward your payout.

Residential Program revamp

After some technology and verification procedure updates, we are excited to announce our revitalized national residential program. Our brokers can now sign up their residential customers through Power Kiosk and even help them with data entry. All a customer has to do is to validate the order through their email address.

To empower you to spread the word to your prospects, we’ve designed a spectrum of tools and resources for you. Keep your customers in the know with our email templates and flyers (attached) to let them know why they don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on the program. You can also reach out to our promotion team at info@powerkiosk.com.

Energy Market Updates

NYMEX settled at $0.2639 per therm in March, and platform rates are staying competitive compared to utilities in most of our markets. This month has been warmer than usual, which is great news because it may just cause utility rates to drop—possibly as soon as April.

There are also significant delta changes now available between Power Kiosk rates and National Grid and Eversource utility rates in the New England area—specifically MA and NH.

Thanks For being You

Power Kiosk is revolutionizing the way brokers connect with clients and sell power. And we want you to be a part of every new roll-out. So whether you’re diving in to our promotions and incentives or simply sending us your questions and feedback, we want you to know you are a valued and vital part of the Power Kiosk team.

Our mission is to serve you better at every turn so that you, in turn, can serve your customers the way they deserve. That’s why we’re giving you direct access to our team. Any time a question arises, feel free to drop us a line at support@powerkiosk.com. Our team is ready and waiting to get you answers fast so that you can get back to business.

Have questions, concerns or just want to say “Hey?” Call me anytime. I’d love to hear your feedback on our growing platform.