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Energy brokers can expand their businesses and improve the service they provide for their customers in deregulated energy markets with the help of Power Kiosk. Our energy broker software platform is a turnkey, cost-effective solution that helps you find the best rates for electricity and natural gas providers. When you add the capabilities of our energy broker system to your operations, you give yourself the power to save your customer base a significant amount of money on their monthly utility bills. At the same time, you’ll be earning a higher-percentage commission for your business when you take advantage of everything our energy broker CRM has to offer.

We’re committed to bringing transparency, choice, and intelligence to the energy procurement process for our brokerage partners. We make it possible for you to harness data to make better-informed decisions and simplify how your secure the best rates for the people and businesses you serve. Perhaps the best way to see how this energy broker platform can work for you is to try it for yourself. Reach out to us, and we will be happy to provide you with a free demo so you can experience all of the features and benefits it can deliver.

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Keep up to 86% of your commissions with our Preferred Broker Program!

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Keep your residual payments – even if you leave*


Chicago-based, 24 employees and growing, dedicated to your brokerage

We’ve got you covered.

A full end-to-end business solution that will help your business scale. Arm yourself with an advanced core system, market intelligence and true reverse auction abilities. Having as much information about the markets as you can get is critical for success, and that’s exactly what we provide. In addition, the reverse auction functionality of our software solution lets you set the terms and let suppliers fight for your customers’ business. You have the ability to select as many product types as you want, choose the suppliers you want to work with, and set your margin. If you’re not happy with the results, you have the option of extending the auction and notifying providers to submit new offers. If you want to provide your customers with full transparency, you can invite them to observe the auction as it takes place.

Business Full

A high-value platform to run a full brokerage.

Up to 90%
Commission Split

$99 per month

$1,089 for 1 year
(1 month free)

$2,079 for 2 years
(3 months free)

Access to Power Kiosk Broker Portal

80+ Suppliers, North American Markets

Real time matrix pricing/rates

Live broker partner training

Access to Commercial Market

Premium Broker Support

Automatically enrolled in our Frequent Broker Program

Optional access to Residential Market**

Branded Portal (Your brand, not ours)

**API Product or Turn-Key eCommerce Add-On Product is required for access to the residential market.

We offer additional add-ons for Business Full customers

API Product

$199.00 per month

Access our API to bring the power of the dashboard to your own website or in-house applications.

Turn-Key eCommerce Website

$199.00 per month

A fully transactional website to attract and build residential and commercial clients. 3 Sales Codes included which allow you to track your signups and control margins on your commercial deals.

Bundled Sub Agent Package

10 agents for $400 per month

For brokers who have multiple sub-agents selling commercial deals. Give your agents access to a sub-agent portal to track their own deals, price, and close customers.

Sales Code Package

$49.00 per month

Add 10 additional sales codes to your dashboard to use with your Turn-Key website.

What Makes Power Kiosk Unique?

When you choose us to be your energy broker partner, you gain the benefits of our platform’s superior functionality, user experience, and resources. We also provide you with additional services including real-time matrix pricing, broker partner training, premium support, and access to more than 90 suppliers across North American markets. With all of these capabilities and more at your disposal, the Power Kiosk platform is more than a mere tool — it’s a comprehensive solution that supports your brokerage business to the fullest extent.

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