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A Vision for Your Company is a Key to Success.

By Hamed Babai
Posted on November 11, 2021

Vision Compass

While I was recently watching the hit series Squid Game, one of the scenes resonated greatly with me. In it, a group of older men and women played tug of war against a group that was clearly more muscular. The odds were clearly in favor of the second team, and the physically weaker team was losing hope and ready to accept defeat.

In this tense moment, an older man on the first team shouted out to his teammates. Right then, he shared a detailed strategy, mission and vision that was clearly expressed and accepted by all members of the team. They believed in that vision, and member of his team implemented that strategy. As a result, they won that game.

What is the moral of this story? Vision matters and a team with a vision can outperform individual strengths in unexpected ways.

Squid Game

A clear vision and strategy helped a team with less resources win big. (Squid Game, 2021, Netflix)

What is Vision?

Vision is a recipe created in the head of someone who believes that an outcome is attainable and ready to go to war for that. This recipe will have to be conveyed to the team in precise ways to become a reality. Vision will coordinate the members so they can look and move in the same direction toward a clear goal with every step and every action they take. The team with Vision uses shared principles to make decisions, prioritize tasks, and keep the success of each member of the team in mind at every junction they encounter. This laser focus creates an environment where the power of the team is exponentially higher than individuals’ power. It all boils down to the alignment of frequency, direction, and attention to detail among the team members.

Why does Vision matter?

Having a vision creates an environment that can build legacies. When team members share a vision, they can bond and help one another toward their common goal. With this synergistic approach to living life, the members of team in essence vibrate on the same frequency with clarity and principles. Without a honed vision, the team members may be looking forward in different directions and thus, after many years of accumulated effort, their achievements might be scattered. This means the team might much longer to accomplish a goal, and be more exposed to failure.

Power Kiosk in a glance?

At Power Kiosk, we believe in having a clearly defined and well-documented vision statement. Every member of our team can look at this statement whenever they are making a decision or starting their day to help guide them. Our meetings are arranged based on the elements of our Vision and always have our goals and values in mind. We prioritize tasks based on where the company is heading in one year, three years or ten years. Some of the significant benefits of applying this mindset are clarity, efficiency, accountability, and performance. It also creates a more robust culture at Power Kiosk where individuals feel empowered, impactful, and cared for. Finally, Vision creates a strong foundation for leadership at Power Kiosk that doesn’t involve micromanaging and stepping over each other’s boundaries.

Power Kiosk’s niche is undeniably the ability to understand, analyze and utilize data to help our customers make better decisions.


Power Kiosk’s core values include Accountability, Performance, Being Bold, Building Relationships, and Being Innovative. We recruit new employees based on these values. We set our annual and quarterly goals based on these values. We assess our employees based on these values and ultimately, we use these as a guideline when facing a difficult situation involving conflict.

Accountability: This is a sense of ownership—the understanding of one’s boundaries within the company and protecting and improving it at all costs. With accountability, we can trust each other and stay away from the grey domains.

Performance: We believe in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and every member of our team has a set of KPIs that they own with goals that they need to meet for their function to be successful.

Bold: When we need to adapt, we adapt fast. We learn quickly and do not resist the necessary change. Thus, we are confident in our recommendations knowing that we have done our best to meet the challenge.

Building Relationship: We believe a tight-knit team of brokers, customers, suppliers, and employees is a huge factor for the success of Power Kiosk. We use our crowdsourced intelligence for decision-making and determining our priorities for accomplishing our goals and strengthening our relationships.

Being Innovative: The world around us is changing fast, and those of us who change with it and challenge the status quo make the difference. It is essential to constantly push the boundaries and make life easier and better for our customers and employees.


Power Kiosk’s niche is undeniably the ability to understand, analyze and utilize data to help our customers make better decisions. Our roots are first in data and artificial intelligence, and we have grown that knowledge into the energy sector. However, energy has always been a secondary strength. Our team has worked with a vast number of clients and, over the years, accumulated the knowledge we use to counsel our clients, but it is the data part that has made this all possible and allowed us to learn faster than other energy companies.

Our Purpose:

Power through Insight; Procure with Clarity.

Our Unique:

A firm grasp and appreciation of data, understanding energy procurement given our function as an automated brokerage system, and ultimately, using a hybrid model when it comes to working with brokers are what makes us unique.

Our Goal:

With these foundations, Power Kiosk is working toward becoming the largest clearinghouse for commercial contracts in the retail energy sector. This will make us a central component in this industry.

Our promise to our partners?

Power Kiosk utilizes these principles every day and adheres to the rules. As a result, we believe we will serve our goals and our customers better as a stronger company with a clearly defined and executed vision. This is one of the most fundamental strengths we use to accomplish our goals, which are ultimately supporting the broker partners in the best possible way.