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Expand your business with the largest energy marketplace software in North America

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Power Kiosk’s energy procurement services leverage the strength of our software to help energy brokers and consultants serve their clients. Our cost-effective, turnkey platform enables you to find the best electricity and natural gas rates for your customers. Our goal is to bring transparency, choice, and intelligence to the energy procurement process. The energy software solutions we provide make it possible for you to make better decisions driven by data and simplify how you procure rates for the people you serve.

If you want to gain a better understanding of what our energy broker services can do for you, the best way to do that is to give us a call for a free demo. Seeing our energy procurement solutions in action for yourself will ensure you experience all the benefits of our platform and all its capabilities.

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Full suite of customer and contract management tools:

  • Customer data management
  • Historical usage management
  • Load validation tools
  • Letter of authorization fulfillment
  • Letter of exclusivity services
  • Peak load contribution management tools
  • Market timed alerts ensure contract drops and renewals aren’t missed

Price discovery

  • Millions of supplier matrix rates updated from our database daily
  • Instantly connect to 90+ suppliers on our platform ready to craft custom price deals
  • Launch private reverse auctions with suppliers ready to compete for your business
Instant Quote

API auction bidding

Automated auction process brings you high supplier engagement and bid submissions.

Professionally designed contracts

Impress customers with custom branded energy contract proposals.

Tailored contract signing

Sign electricity and natural gas contracts via digital e-sign or ink signature.

Broker Proposal

Automated Renewal

Strengthen your passive revenue stream with our new automated renewal system. Whether you forget to reach out to your customer or simply don’t have the time, reminding them to renew could increase your revenue by 11%.

Auto Renewal
Auto Renewal

Market data & analytics

Personalized AI driven market and pricing intelligence delivered to your inbox

  • Future price forecasting
  • Spend forecasting
  • NYMEX data analysis

We deliver your custom website

Brand our proprietary data as your own with our API and turn key website options.

360° commission reporting

Reliable commission splits, audits, and runs

Mobile-optimized to be used in the field via tablet or mobile devices

Power Kiosk Mobile

We’ve got you covered.

A full end-to-end business solution that will help your business scale. Arm yourself with an advanced core system, market intelligence and true reverse auction abilities.

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Business Full

A high-value platform to run a full brokerage.

Up to 90%
Commission Split

$99 per month

$1,089 for 1 year
(1 month free)

$2,079 for 2 years
(3 months free)

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